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Sheer energy, raw... a thrilling, skilled evening, a show with real attitude.

The Guardian

Urban is one of the most revolutionary circus experiences to hit Auckland in a long time, following a sell-out run in London and seasons in Paris and on Broadway.

It's filled with incredible aerial stunts, heart-stopping acrobatic prowess and high-voltage energy. You'll be white-knuckled, gripping the edge of your seat.

As Circolombia's spunky and street-wise performers jump, somersault, fly, tumble and breakdance across the stage they tell astonishing stories of life on the streets of Cali, Colombia. Set against a soundtrack of Latin-American inspired reggae and hip-hop beats, Urban will totally immerse you in the sights and sounds of the Cali streets.

Graduates of Circa Para Todos, Circus For All - the world's first professional circus school for disadvantaged youth -  Urban's 17 to 28 year-old acrobats reveal a city of joy and volatility where dance and music are the safety valves of everyday life. Sharing their reality with the world, they exude a power that is physical, raw, volcanic and incredibly honest.

Take the whole family on an exhilarating ride. You won't regret it.

# In a nutshell: Astounding acrobatic stunts, reggae and Latin hip-hop, spine-tingling moments.





Platinum Patrons Jenny & Andrew Smith


Urban was originally commissioned by the Roundhouse, London, as part of CircusFest.


Artistic Director and Creative Producer: Felicity Simpson
Musical Director: Ryan Wilmott
Original Theater Director: Jean-Yves Penafiel
Theatre Director: Mark Storor
Movement Director: Katie Pearson
Additional Choreography: Carlos Neto
AV Designer: David Bernard
Lighting Designer: James Loudon
Tour Producer: Hannah Bruce
Company Captain and Artistic Tutor: José Henry Caycedo Casierra
Technical Director: Roberto Sánchez-Camus
Production Manager: Ketsia Joseph-Monrose
Costumes: Rhiannon Matthews
Circus Advisor: Kristian Kristof
Creative Advisor: Francois Bertron
Scenographer/Stage Manager: Rebecca Anson Armstrong
Bankina Costume & Make-up: Carola Montoya


Performers: Wilmar Carabali, Angel Caycedo Casierra, José Henry, Caycedo Casierra, José Germán, Ceballos Cruz, Cristian Camilo, Dajome, Estiven, Quinones Gonzalez,  Diana Valentina Romero Londoño, Leidy Tatiana, Zúñiga Vidal, Julia Alejandra Sánchez Aja, Humberto Leonardo, Palacios Mosquera, Jonathan Mauricio Bonilla Muñoz, Joinner Alberto Barreiro Murillo, Yeferson Murillo Palacios, Andrés Felipe Romero Pineda,   Johann Alemberg Gil Zapata




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