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Spectacular acts of physical strength, endurance and anatomical unlikelihood.

The Australian

The Colenso BBDO Season of Cantina

Leave your everyday life behind and visit the Festival Club. Discover a 1930s underground cantina-cabaret where girls in stilettos and bare-chested guys gaze at each other through a cloudy haze of charm and depravity.

Dripping with vaudeville, acts of unbelievable daring, the shabby-chic of speakeasies, Cantina delivers its audience some truly 'skilled-up and deliciously twisted entertainment' (The Guardian). Six characters, each with a freakish talent to take their bodies to the limit, test the fine line between pleasure and pain, timidity and brashness.

Featuring an outstanding team of circus performers from La Clique, Circus Oz and Circa, backed by haunting melodies from live piano-accordion and ukulele, Cantina hits Auckland after seducing audiences in Edinburgh, Holland, Wellington and Adelaide, and most recently a season in London during the 2012 Olympics.

Cantina is the dark-chocolate of cabaret - it's a little bit naughty, a little bit nice and you'll long for more, every night. Indulge your desires.

# In a nutshell: An intoxicating spectacle of skilful, dangerous and sensual circus.

*Contains male nudity, simulated violence and smoke.





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