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As funny as they are musically sublime.

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Hot from crazy-good tours in India and Australia and a cluster of five-star reviews at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, must-see ultra a capella stars and entertainers, The Magnets, heat up the Festival Club.

Making all their music with their voices alone, including the drums of beat-boxer Andy Frost and the richly textured bass of Fraser Collins, The Magnets are much-admired for their exciting arrangements that radically restyle and subvert popular songs from artists as diverse as Kraftwerk, Beyoncé, Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga and Tears for Fears.

Book a booth now for you and your mates because once The Magnets' fame spreads round town waiting lists are all you'll be getting on.

# In a nutshell: Unreal harmonies, mind-boggling beat-boxing, super fun.

The Magnets: Steve Trowell, Nic Doodson, Michael Welton, Andy Frost and Fraser Collins





The Magnets are:
Steve Trowell
Nic Doodson
Michael Welton
Andy Frost
Fraser Collins
Twitter: @themagnets
YouTube Channel: TheMagnetsvideos



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