White Night - Remuera


Remuera delights on White Night with outdoor installations throughout the village. See remuera.org.nz for location details and further announcements.

Kristin PerettFreaks Kristin Perrett recreates Victorian freak show posters as embroidered art.  Before science offered explanation of their condition, 19th Century freaks were seen by most as mysterious, supernatural even.  Kristin's work focuses on the sensational and the melodramatic, appealing to our enduring fascination with the unusual. 6.00pm to midnight

Mia StrakaThe Talisman Series Mia Straka extends her work in contemporary jewellery, from small-scale wearable works to larger works that expand the scale to alter the object's relationship to the body, playing with space and material.

Neighbourhood Enuake Sirikige responds to the urban surroundings. Using aerosol with mixed media and urban archaeology, he inspires thought and dialogue and brings street art culture alive.


Corrina HoseasonKELLANDS REAL ESTATE 279 Remuera Rd, (corner of Remuera Rd & Armadale Rd)

Best in Show Our oldest event, the A&P show, and the pony-club charm of pastoral New Zealand get a nod in emerging ceramics star Corrina Hoseason's large ceramic sculptures of animal heads, fresh from the prestigious international ceramic work centre EKWC 2012 in the Netherlands. 6pm 'til late.

BANK OF NEW ZEALAND forecourt 338 Remuera Road

Go back to the simple and wholesome New Zealand of the 1950s with Corrina Hoseason's film that reconnects with the nostalgic beauty of our rural landscape.


Victoria Bell339 REMUERA RD

Resisting Africa The British drawing room and African safari collide in Victoria Bell's animal/furniture sculpture exhibition, exploring post colonialism, cultural tourism and the ethics of animal representation. 6.00pm to midnight



remuera-gallery.co.nz 524 7403. 360 Remuera Road The nerve centre of the Remuera precinct's White Night installations. 6pm to midnight


Jeff ThomsonREMUERA LIBRARY. 429 Remuera Road (corner Remuera Rd and St Vincent Ave)

Garden Internationally recognised sculptor Jeff Thomson's iconic narrative of New Zealand identity shaped by life, art and the environment. This screenprinted and corrugated iron garden and bouquet of cutouts recalls native flora forms. Meet the artist and engage with the 2D and 3D layers of the 8m x 2m work. Make corrugated iron with the artist under the moonlight. 6pm to midnight.

K-Force robotsArtful Intelligence K-Force presents the art and science of robots. Kristin School's top Robotics students take on local rising stars in an interactive and high-stakes battle. Preparation for the World Championships begins! 6pm to 9pm.

Simon OosterdijkStep into Simon Oosterdijk's world of intrigue and wonder with exquisite works exploringScience, Nature & Art using the latest 3D digital modelling and fabrication techniques. Be inspired by the art of seeing nature through the digital world. 6pm to midnight


THE VILLAGE GREEN 415 Remuera Road

Mix, knead, sculpt, cook and garnish with dough and all sorts of colours and textures to create edible sculptures with artists and conceptual chefs at the Experimental Bakery. 7pm to 10pm