White Night - Parnell


A curated programme of street-based art projects occupy Parnell as the streets and courtyards of the historic village come alive with performance, interactive projects and site-specific installations from emerging and established artists. Projects are spread along Parnell Road from Fraser Park to the Holy Trinity Cathedral and all galleries are open till midnight.


Projects along Parnell Road

Sian Torrington ParnellBe captivated by Sian Torrington's ambitious One abandoned uncontained movement has opened a new room in me. 
Created on-site over the course of several weeks and illuminated for White Night, this monumental nest-like installation inhabits and entwines one of Parnell's historic trees.

Downbreak on 1

Celebrate the night with Brit Bunkley's uncanny dancehall projection, Downbreak on 1, Upbeat on 2, 8pm-midnight.

Visit site-specific projects from exciting emerging artists, including Emma Chalmers, Ross Forbes, Daphne Simons & Mark O'Donnell.

Make SomethingGet creative with Make Something, an interactive project which invites visitors to sculpt their own 3D artwork, contributing to an evolving sculpture garden which expands throughout the night.

Make yourself at home as year 3 students from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design present Shelter, transforming a series of spaces into welcoming resting places for the art traveller, part childhood hut, part conversation-pit.

The Best of ART IN THE DARK Jon Baxter and Kathryn Taylor An Interactive Earth, Catherine Downs and Melanie Kassian Interrupted, Interrupt Collective & Kim Newall Light Gate.


Artis Gallery croppedARTIS GALLERY artisgallery.co.nz / 303 1090.
280 Parnell Road

Mervyn Williams As much the magician as the abstruse abstractionist. While some abstract paintings seem aloof, impervious to anything beyond the realm of 'pure' aesthetic experience, Williams' paintings are full of pleasure and surprise. 6pm to midnight



Bath StreetBATH STREET GALLERY bathstreetgallery.com / 377 5171.
43 Bath Street

The Garden Beneath the Street Lights by electronic art collective Liu Dao (island6) reaches out from the urban maze of Shanghai to reconnect with the living earth. Blending technicolour LEDs, video, photography and sculpture, island6 fashions a world impelled by technology, but inspired by life. Artists Thomas Charveriat and Serena Yeung Sin Ching will screen a short video outlining the collectives's work process, followed by a Q&A. 8.00pm. 6pm to midnight


Jonathan Grant GalleryJONATHAN GRANT GALLERY jgg.co.nz / 308 9125.
280 Parnell Road

Piera McArthur Exhibiting in Paris, New York and Moscow, Piera McArthur has established herself as a serious New Zealand painter. Piera's figures express themselves through moods depicted in colourful movement, fun and excitement; although often humorous they always appear alive and breathing. Piera's work is widely collected and loved. Her work is known for its use of color and its optimistic energy. 6pm to midnight


Parnell GalleryPARNELL GALLERY parnellgallery.co.nz / 377 3133.
263 Parnell Road

Join gallery artist Shane Hansen for an interactive insight into screenprinting. An opportunity to observe and partake in this printmaking technique, 6.30pm to 7.30pm, 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Matt Payne 'New Works' New Zealand's much-loved coast, sand dunes and serene seas are viewed from accomplished photorealist painter Payne's unique perspective. Payne creates a great sense of depth that invites the viewer into the paintings and offers up a sense of tranquility and nostalgia. 5.30pm to midnight


Pearce GalleryPEARCE GALLERY whitecliffe.ac.nz/showcase/pearcegallery / 309 5970. 
130 St. Georges Bay Road

re:New.all. To begin again, return, replace, recondition, renovate, extend and give new energy to. Renewal is a generating force. Six recent Whitecliffe MFA Graduates reunite to examine the space of 'one year on' in their practices: Lisa Chandler, Catherine Davis-Colley, Melissa Dines, Chris Kane, Tracy Porteous, Aurelia Zatta. 6pm to midnight


Pierre Peeters GalleryPIERRE PEETERS GALLERY ppg.net.nz 377 4832.
251 Parnell Road, Habitat Courtyard

New works by Mark Cross New Zealand-born, Niue-based artist Mark Cross is one of the South Pacific's leading contemporary realist painters. His intrinsically Pacific works impart a social message that speaks of mankind's delinquent abuse of his home the Earth. 6pm to midnight


Sanderson Contemporary ArtSANDERSON CONTEMPORARY ART sanderson.co.nz / 374 4476.
251 Parnell Road, Parnell

Ara. Simon Kaan's mythological sites of land, sea and sky operate as muted ruminations of the artist's Ngai Tahu and Chinese genealogy, indicating notions of place, belonging and responsibility. There's no way over, only through.

Working in drawing, sculpture and installation, Sian Torrington investigates the creative process and explores the nature of lived experience through a female body. This exhibition supports Torrington's street-based installation in Parnell (see above). Artist talk 6pm. 6pm to midnight


Warwick Henderson GalleryWARWICK HENDERSON GALLERY warwickhenderson.co.nz / 309 7513.
32 Bath Street, Parnell

It is Not Black and White A group show of diverse artworks - abstract, expressionist, representational, sculptural, conceptual, minimalist. "But is it art?" is a much coined phrase. Is all art legitimate, or does it have to be in a dealer gallery or auction house to gain credibility or traction in the art place? Come and share your opinion. 6pm to midnight