Jin Jiangbo China

Beautifully ethereal, the mesmerising interactive installations of Jin Jiangbo blend imagery and sounds from traditional Chinese artforms with new-media technology.

Shanshui is an ancient style of ink-and-wash painting that first rose to prominence in the Liu Song Dynasty or 5th Century AD. Drawing on this ancient tradition and employing interface software and technology, Jin Jiangbo's works are presented as computer-driven video projections, allowing delicate landscapes to be formed and re-formed in response to the presence and movements of the viewer.

Based in Shanghai, Jin Jiangbo is one of China's foremost contemporary artists. He has exhibited throughout Europe and China, and in 2009 at the Govett-Brewster in New Plymouth.

"Art should follow the age it belongs to and reflect society, it's structure, context and changes." Jin Jiangbo







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