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... you feel like a spaced-out invader with a free pass to everywhere and X-ray powers of hearing that tune you in to the city's stream of consciousness****.

Time Out London

Move to the call of your city!

Pick up a special issue MP3 player, charge up your mobile phone, open your heart and get ready to explore the city streets and back alleys of Auckland.

en route is an expedition into the core of the city, tailor-made for you and unfolding all around you. Played out to a wistful and poetic soundtrack from local musicians and bands, en route is more than a performance or a music compilation or an audio tour or an interactive perambulation; it's a warm-hearted, hand-crafted, rich, complex and roundly satisfying way for you to engage with your city and see it through new eyes.

en route comes to Auckland hot on the heels of en route - East London where it was part of the London Cultural Olympiad.

So slip on some headphones, slide into your walking shoes and ease into the vibe of the city!


There is a limit of 8 people per session. Book early for this unmissable experience.



Central Auckland starting location will be revealed via text message approximately 24 hours before your en route session time. en route does not end where it begins.

Each person must bring a mobile phone (fully charged) - it's not possible to do the route without it. Dress for the weather and walking.

Performances occur rain or shine, so be sure to dress for that day's forecast.

# In a nutshell: Some me-time, discovery, a love song to your city.

one step at a time like this: Suzanne Kersten, Clair Korobacz, Paul Moir and Julian Rickert



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